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Congratulations to the following Thurston County Republicans who were elected as National Delegates or Alternates at the WA State Republican Convention in Pasco last weekend:

Delegate Tom Watson (10th Congressional District).

Delegate Kevin Marks (At Large). 

Delegate Braedon Wilkerson (At Large).

Alternate Jack Bell (At Large).

Elector Garry Holland (10th Congressional District).

Good luck in Cleveland in July 2016.


Attention Thurston County Delegates, Alternates and Guests to the WA State Republican Party Convention in Pasco WA. Here is your registration link:… I recommend booking your hotel now since there will be more and more county conventions being held each week and the rooms will go fast. The link to the hotels can be found on the page. I recommend the Holiday Inn Express since it is walking distance, the Red Lion is also about a 5 minute drive to the convention site.


The Thurston County Executive Board would like to thank all the Delegates who showed up and participated in our County Convention at Black Hills High School. We would also like to once again thank BHHS for providing us an outstanding forum and facility for our convention. We look forward to the 2020 convention.

Despite a lower than normal turnout, Thurston County was able to elect its 66 delegates to attend the 2016 WA State Convention to held in Pasco from May 18-21st. As a reminder to our delegates and alternates the base fee is $100.00. If you want to attend some of the luncheons and private receptions there are additional costs involved. For additional information and to register go to: .  A helpful hint for the state delegates that will be attending. The state convention will be help at the TRAC Center and the nearest hotels are the Holiday Inn Express (walking distance) and the Red Lion Pasco (5 min drive) both are about $129.00 a night. There are a few fast food places nearby and a couple restaurants too. I recommend booking early, I did. As more and more counties hold their conventions and elect their delegates the rooms will go quickly.

The WSRP should be sending out delegate packages in the next month or so, keep going to their web page or contact them if you haven’t heard anything by the end of April 2016. But please send in your registration fees as soon as possible. The State rules state you must pay your fees 10 days after your election as state delegate. (29Mar2016).

Thank you all again for your involvement and support of the TCRP.

Your TCRP Executive Board.

 The Thurston County Republican Convention will be held Sat, March 19th, 2016 at the Black Hills High School gym in Tumwater WA. Doors open at 7:30AM, convention starts promptly at 9:00AM. All delegates/alternates that were elected at the county caucuses will need to bring state issued type photo ID to be credentialed and seated. Tables for campaigns and issues cost $25.00 and will be available in lobby, contact the TCRP Chair, Garry Holland (360) 412-8087, for more information.
Costs for delegates/alternates will be $10.00 and guests will be $5.00.

Draft Agenda: (Subject to change)
A1) 7:30 AM Delegate Check-in begins.
A2) 9:00 AM Credentials Closed. Call to order by the Thurston County Republican Party Chairman.
A3) Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance.
A4) Appointment of temporary officers.
a. Chairman, Secretary, Parliamentarian and Sergeant-at-arms.
A5) 9:15 AM Preliminary Credentials Committee Report Submitted.
A6) 9:20 AM Local and State Candidate speeches.
A7) Credentials committee fills empty delegate positions with alternates.
A8) 10:15 AM Adoption of Final Credentials Report by the body.
a. Total number of delegates seated for each County Commissioner Districts. (#1,#2,#3).
b. Total County Delegation.
A9) Report and Adoption of the Rules and Order of Business.
A10) Nomination, Election and Announcement of Permanent Officers:
(a. Chairman, Secretary, Parliamentarian and Sergeant-at-Arms).
A11) 10:30 AM Divide into three County Commissioner District caucuses.
A12) Elect Delegates and Alternates to State Convention (63)
A13) 1:30 PM (Lunch). (A CCD may work through lunch if needed).
A14) 2:30 PM Convention Reconvene. Report from Platform and Resolutions Committee and adoption of Platform and Resolutions.
A15) 4:30 PM Additional business or announcements.
A16) 5:00 PM Adjourn.

The TCRP have invited numerous Local, County, City and State elected officials to speak as well as those currently seeking office in the state.

Are you a registered voter? Do you know what Precinct you’re in? Do you know where your caucus is located? Use this link to find out.

Find your caucus and voter information here:


We will continue to update this page as new information becomes available.

The 2016 WA State Republican Caucuses will be held on 20 Feb 2016 starting at 10:00AM.

Thurston County Caucus Locations:

22nd LD, Knights of Columbus Hall, Lacey WA.

20th/35th LD; Black Hills High School, Tumwater WA.

2nd LD; The Prairie Hotel, 701 Prairie Park Ln SE, Yelm.

Thurston County Republican Convention:

Sat, 19 Mar 2016, Time TBD,  Black Hills High School, Tumwater WA.

WA State Republican Convention:

Pasco, WA.

National GOP Presidential Convention:    Cleveland Ohio.


What is a “Caucus?”
The Republican Party places all value in the rights of each individual and the importance of individual participation in the election process and government, in general. Our entire Party organization and effectiveness begins with the individual citizen voter.
A “precinct” is the smallest political geographical area – usually your neighborhood. A “caucus” is a historic name for a meeting of the Republicans in a single precinct. Caucuses are held every 2 years, throughout the state of Washington. During caucus, Republicans discuss candidates and issues, and to elect people (“Delegates”) to represent their precinct at the Thurston County Convention. Citizens at caucus discuss proposals for the party Platform and any other matters that they wish to bring before the delegates during county convention.
The Delegates who attend the Thurston County Convention approve a “platform” similar to a mission statement. They also elect Delegates to represent Thurston County at the Washington State Convention.
Thurston County mostly holds combined caucuses (“pooled” caucuses) so multiple neighborhoods come together in one location. This makes administration and record keeping easier. Some caucuses will take place in the local precinct committee officer’s home.

The first step.
In order to participate in the Republican Caucus you must be a registered voter residing in Thurston County. You will participate in the precinct caucus of the precinct in which you are registered to vote. Please bring your Voter Registration Card which was sent to you by the County Auditor. If you do not have a card or cannot locate your card, contact the Auditors Office at 360-786-5408. It is a good idea to locate your card today.
Where are the caucus locations? Thurston County Republican Caucus locations are available online at Look for your precinct number (or name) and attend that location. (Your precinct number is on your voter registration card or you can lookup your precinct online at )
Caucus locations will be determined by Legislative Districts. (20th LD & 35th LD; 22nd LD; 2nd LD) There will be three pooled caucus locations in 2016.
22nd LD: Knights of Columbus Hall, Olympia/Lacey.
2nd LD, Prairie Hotel, Yelm.
20th/35th Black Hills High School, Tumwater.

What happens at a Caucus?
Caucuses are fun and educational. The first part of the caucus is the pooled portion where you get an overview of the caucus process.
During the second part of the Caucus, you break into precincts and meet only with those from your neighborhood. At this time, you elect a Chair if there is no Precinct Committee Officer for your precinct. The Chair will appoint a Secretary for your precinct meeting.
Next you will review the draft County Platform which you will be allowed to make recommendations on. Additionally, you can suggest a Resolution for consideration.
Finally, you elect Delegates and Alternates to represent your precinct at the County Convention. Your precinct will be allocated a specific number of Delegates/Alternates based on the Republican vote totals in the 2012 elections.

Who Can Attend?
Any registered voter who considers him/herself to be a Republican is welcome to attend and participate in the Republican Caucus. You must be 18 or older on the day of the caucuses to actively participate in them. You cannot participate in any other party’s nominating procedures or you will be disqualified.
What do I do at the Caucus?
The most important thing is to attend. Don’t worry about the details. (We’ll do that!) We have experienced leaders who will walk you through the process. Come and meet more of your neighbors, share ideas, have fun with your neighbors and fellow conservatives, and be the “grassroots” of the Republican Party.

Can I be a Convention Delegate?
YES! If you want to be a Convention Delegate, all you need to do is nominate yourself during the precinct caucus meetings. If more people are nominated than positions available, then the members of the precinct will elect the Delegates/Alternates they want to represent their neighborhood.

What happens after the caucus?                                                                                                                                                                               If you are elected as a delegate or alternate to the county convention, there is a registration fee payable by cash or check on arrival at the county convention. Guests are welcome at the convention and must pay a nominal entry fee. The County Convention takes place on Saturday, March 19, 2016 from 9:00 AM until 5PM at Black Hills High School, Tumwater, WA.

If you are elected as a delegate or alternate to the state convention you must be prepared to pay the state registration fee within 10 days of the county convention. The Washington State Republican Party Convention will be held in Pasco, WA on May 19-21, 2016.






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